About Us

KCAT aims to create a new situation: an environment in which artists and students from different backgrounds and abilities can work and create together and in which life long learning is an opportunity for everyone.

The KCAT (Kilkenny Collective for Arts Talent) Art and Study Centre is an open access Arts and Life Long Learning initiative promoted by the Camphill Communities. Founded in 1999, after a pilot phase under the EU Horizon Program.

KCAT delivers visual art and theatre courses, and is home to the KCAT Studio and the Equinox Theatre company.

The KCAT Studio and Equinox Theatre Company combine artists with learning disabilities and other disadvantages with professional arts practitioners. The course elements are funded through the Vocational Education Committee structure and the Back to Education Initiative,  the Studio and Equinox Theatre are part-funded by The Arts Council. The centre has developed interactive partnerships with comparable projects in many countries in Europe, Japan and Australia. Strongly engaged in the arts community both locally and internationally, KCAT challenges the “Insider/Outsider Arts” debate.

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